Future Fabrics: Lyocell

Sunday has a new fabric! We're pleased to announce the introduction of a new, all organic fiber fabric to the permanent collection. Our newest, softest shirting cotton is made with 51% cotton and 49% Lyocell - an organic rayon fiber that is made with pure, raw cellulose that leaves no derivative in the spinning process. This equates to superb fabric quality and sustainable, conscious garment production that we're truly proud of.

Not only is Lyocell ultra-soft yet durable, it is incredibly wrinkle resistant and highly similar in wearability and drapability to silk, leather, and suede. It retains color well and can be hand or machine washed depending on the finish. Perhaps best of all, Lyocell is completely biodegradable, making it one of the most eco-conscious textile choices on the market. This beautiful new fabric can be found on the Long Dress Shirt, soon to be available in our online store. 

lesley aitkenComment