How we dress reveals so much about ourselves. In today’s fashion culture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choice - carried away by trends that sit in your closet, sometimes for years unworn. By recycling our wardrobes and making lasting, conscious purchases, we aim to reduce the needless waste of the current market.

With every purchase, we invite you to donate several pieces from your closet to charity or share them with friends - it’s fun and inspires others to do the same.  With seasonless wearability at the core of the Sunday philosophy, we create refined, easy pieces you’ll wear and love for years to come.


Living locally is essential to the Sunday lifestyle. Whether at home or abroad, supporting local goods and services is quickly becoming a necessity more than a privilege.

Wearing our garments means showing your support for ethical and local production: we design and fabricate all of our pieces in Los Angeles using sustainable, natural fabrics sourced in the USA. Local production allows us to ensure that each garment's individual construction remains beautiful both inside and out, and that the quality stays unwavering.


To extend the life of your garment and our Earth, we recommend that you only hand wash as needed or use eco-friendly dry cleaning. Line drying also saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions.